CEO and 3 Executives

Heavy Industry Sector :
Current CEO of DB Holdings, LLC

Electrical and Electronics Sector :
Current CEO of Evaking Co., Ltd.
Current President and Auditor of Osung Elect Korea Co., Ltd.

Entertainment Sector :
Current CEO of CY Entertainment Co., Ltd.

Pharmaceutical Sector :
Current CEO of Apple Healthcare, Co., Ltd.

Investment Sector :
Current CEO of EDGE Investment & Development Co., Ltd.

Construction Sector :
Current CEO of DB Industrial Development Co., Ltd.

Foodservice Sector :
Crab Yoon Gimbap Co., Ltd.

Fisheries Sector :
Current CEO of Eosim Fisheries Co., Ltd.



Creative and flexible

Low cost and high sales efficiency

Regional division of labor

Subcontractors for each process

Human Resources

Works related to home shopping and product sales

Experience in B2G, B2B, and B2C

Experience in electronics production/management

Average of more than 5 years of work experience in the field

Strengthen human resources through training management


System structured for customer-centric performance

Online work sharing/reporting system

Management through achievements of monthly objectives

Division and management of duties by personnel

Division and management of duties by regions