Evaking’s goal is to improve
the quality and length of human life,
and we carry out continuous
research and development.

We hold patented technology for removing and sterilizing
sources of infection in the air like viruses, general bacteria,
harmful bacteria, harmful gasses, allergens, and fine dust,

and our products have been certified by the National Testing
and Certification Institute.

We are carrying out testing on the cure or alleviation
of rhinitis, atopy, sick house syndrome, and skin inflammation,
and expected impressive efficacy.
We pledge that we will become a pioneer in improving the quality
of human life by improving air quality.

We directly carry out all manufacturing in Korea
under strict quality control, including our own
structural design, injection, and assembly.

Evaking works constantly to live up to the trust we receive
from you, our customers.

A Comfortable Space

We offer a premium air sterilizer which will provide clean air in all of your living and workspaces.
Evaking’s proprietary air sterilization and purification technology can quickly remove viruses and bacteria, fine dust, and unpleasant odors from air.
Sterilized air creates a safe and pleasant environment.


  • Company Evaking Co., Ltd.
  • Core products Air sterilizer / Medical masks
  • Employees 87
  • Marketing Marketing on MBC, KBS, SBS, JCN,
    IPTV (SK, KT, and U+), YTN channels nationwide, home shopping,
    and social media (@evakingmall, @evakingshop, @instaulsan)