Sterilizes 99.978% or more of COVID-19 and COVID-19 delta variant viruses



  • Real-time monitoring with
    an ultra-fine dust sensor

    Equipped with a PM0.3 for more sensitive detection of harmful substances in air.

  • Air sterilizer and purifier using optical decomposition

    Removes various viruses and odors from air using photoelectric UV decomposition technology.

  • 2,862 Black Air Holes

    The powerful absorbency of 2,862 black air holes allows for 99.9% sterilization.

Triple Hybrid Sterilization System

Evaking's sterilization system solves the technical issues of plasma and POC photocatalyst
technologies and our new technology has impressive ozone-free sterilization.

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  • 360˚ Virus Sterilization

    Quickly sterilizes and purifies the air in every corner of living spaces with no blind spots through powerful absorption of viruses, bacteria, harmful gasses, and ultra-fine dust.

  • Safe With No Ozone

    Four layers of a titanium dioxide electric net are installed in a dual configuration at the top and bottom to provide excellent sterilization and odor removal performance, and it decomposes ozone ions in living spaces for added safety.

  • Sterilization with Patented UV Lamp

    Equipped with a powerful, non-grounded sterilizing lamp with no filament Certified with 30,000 on/off tests by a public testing institution The titanium dioxide filters and optical effects of the UV-C lamp provide excellent deodorization.

  • Filters Can Be Cleaned With Water

    The filters and electric net filters used by Evaking can be cleaned with water and are semi-permanent, meaning there is no need to pay to replace them, and they are used in a cutting-edge 12-step deionization sterilization and purification system.

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