• 2020

    06 Patented technology transfer and R&D

    12 Establishment of Osung Elect Korea Co., Ltd., an air sterilizer and purifier manufacturing corporation

  • 2021

    03 Development and commercialization of prototypes

    07 Establishment of Evaking Co., Ltd., a distribution and marketing corporation

    08 Commercials on UBC, MBC, KBS, and radio stations, remodeled e-commerce website

    09 Certification of COVID-19 and COVID-19 mutation sterilization and eradication test (Konkuk University Korea Testing and Certification Center, KR Biotech Global Disease Control Lab)

    10 Monthly sales goal of 2,000 units

    11 Launch of ads on SBS, MBC, KBS, cable, IPTV CF broadcast, online shopping malls, etc.

    12 Creation of a production system for 10,000 units per month, national commercials, high-level home shopping network broadcasts.

  • 2022

    03 Complete construction of Ulsan factory

    04 Monthly sales goal of 15,000 units / Expand sales channels

    06 Mass production of a new product based on core technology / Launch new product / Stabilization of sales channels

    09 Complete construction of Ulsan factory with the automated system for mass production

    11 Monthly production goal of 50,000 units

    12 Monthly sales goal of 50,000 units in Korea and overseas / Achieve exports of USD 50 million

  • 2023

    01 Complete development of HVAC air sterilization system for buildings

    03 Development of smart grid system for model diversifications and their functions

    06 Initial public offering